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Criminal Reinstatement in Ethiopia: Exploring the Factors Behind its Limited Application
Henok Wolka Worsiso
Criminal Law Blog
Introduction Criminal reinstatement (simply reinstatement) also known as “Expungement” or “Expunction” in the common law legal system is a legal process that allows individuals with criminal records to have their convictions removed from public records. This means that the records are destroyed; making them inaccessible to organizations that may conduct background checks. Reinstatement is a concept included in our criminal code and criminal procedure code, but the law and its details are hardly known in our society. As a result, it is not widely used. This paper explores the concept of reinstatement, its difference from pardon, the eligibility criteria, the process involved, its relevance in helping individuals reestablish their lives following a conviction, and the impact it has on individuals and society as a whole. It also highlights the gaps in the current practice of criminal reinstatement and concludes with recommendations for improvements. 
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