Tibebe Zewdu is a Partner at TBeST Law LLP with close to 10 years of professional experience. Tibebe graduated from Wollo University School of Law with a Gold Medal, ranking top of his class. He received his LLM degree in Business Law from Addis Ababa University Law School, graduating top of his class. He interned at the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission before he served as a tax and customs laws advisor at the Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority for 2 years and as a public prosecutor at the Office of the Attorney General for 3 years. He advises clients on corporate, commercial, tax, and investment matters. He can be reached at tibebeze@gmail.com

The need to worry very much about the “newly introduced” and little-known tax on premiums in Ethiopia
Tibebe Zewdu
Taxation Blog
It is perplexing for me, as a tax lawyer having worked for close to 10 years on Ethiopian tax laws, to see how the investment and finance community in Ethiopia is not worrying enough about the tax on premiums “introduced” recently by the Ministry of Finance. It is perplexing because this “newly introduced” tax is unclear on many fronts, and anyone who has had any engagements with the Ethiopian Tax Authorities knows how the tax administration is beset by the misapplication of even some of the well-articulated tax laws, let alone those with uncertainties.
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