Ethiopia’s cooperation with other states in the extradition of criminals: a normative and institutional analysis

Oct 03 2020


With the emergence and expansion of crimes of a complex and organized nature, the use of the extradition tool has been increasing from time to time. As a result, this tool has got the recognition of the United Nations in the form of a resolution and a subsequent model agreement, which is intended to be used as a minimum standard by all member states of the organization.

This research finds out the normative and practical status of the extradition tool as one form of international cooperation in criminal matters within the Ethiopian context. Furthermore, it examines the work of various national institutions in relation to extradition and those which are involved in the process of implementation, the gaps that exist within the field and tries to substantiate arguments through a legal and factual analysis of data collected through interview, questionnaires and personal observation.

There are regional and continental agreements which recognize the extradition of criminals as one form of international cooperation in a criminal matter, which also provides the minimum standards that should be followed in making, refusing or executing requests of extradition. The research has ascertained the status of the extradition process in Ethiopia taking in to consideration the regional and continental frameworks.

Moreover, the research identifies the relevant institutions mandated to conduct extradition of criminals in Ethiopia, the adequacy of national legal frameworks dealing with extradition of criminals, the legal and practical gaps that hinders the smooth implementation of extradition taking in to consideration the experience of the Republic of India and Republic of Kenya, and forwards relevant and specific recommendations accordingly.


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Meseret Tadese Asrat

The blogger is currently working as a senior Prosecutor at the department of international co-operation on Legal Affairs Directorate, federal attorney General of Ethiopia. He can be reached at