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Latest addition - አዲስ የተጨመሩ

Book Review - Getting to Yes: Negotiation agreement without giving in

in Opinion/Critiques/Public Lecture

Getting to Yes: Negotiation agreement without giving in by Roger Fisher and William Ury page 200+xiii, price 11.00 $ ,publisher…

A Brief Reflection on Amnesty & Pardon from the Ethiopian context

in Criminal Law Blog

It is to be recalled that (two days ago) the Ethiopian ruling party (EPRDF) announced that it has decided to…

የግል የወንጀል ክስ አስፈላጊነት

in Criminal Law Blog

የወንጀል ፍትሕ አስተዳደር ውጤታማ መሆኑ ከሚረጋገጥበት መንገድ አንዱ፣ የወንጀል ክሶች በአግባቡ ተጣርተው ለፍርድ ቤት ቀርበው ጥፋተኞች ተገቢውን ቅጣት በተቻለ ፍጥነት…

በወንጀል ጉዳዮች የግል ክስ ስለማቅረብ - Article suspended

in Criminal Law Blog

በዚህ ጽሑፍ በግል ክስ ምንነት እና ጠቀሜታውን እንዲሁም በኛ ሀገር ህግ ያለውን ቦታ ለማሳየት ይሞከራል፡፡ የወንጀል ክስ ምንነት የወንጀል ክስ…

Commentary on the draft proclamation of special interest of state of Oromia in Addis Ababa city

in Opinion/Critiques/Public Lecture

INTRODUCTION The advent of a modern constitution in Ethiopia goes back to the 1931 Constitution which was designed to fortify…

Hammering Labor Rights: Succinct Summary of the Draft Labor Proclamation

in Opinion/Critiques/Public Lecture

Synopsis Labor is the most important activates of a human being crate both material productivity and social values. Now a…

ጥቂት ስለአስቸኳይ ጊዜ አዋጅ የኢትዮጵያ መስፈርት ከአለምፍ ሕግ ጋር ሲቃኝ

in Constitutional Law Blog

ሀገሮች የዜጎቻቸውን የንብረት፣ የህይወት በአጠቃላይ የስብአዊና ዲሞክራሲያዊ መብቶቻቸውን ለማስጠበቅና ለማረጋገጥ የተለያየ ሕጎችን ያወጣሉ፡፡ እነዚህም ሕጎች ከሕገ-መንግስቱ (የየሃገሩ የበላይ ህግ) ጨምሮ…

Tax Evasion under Ethiopian Tax Laws - Conceptual Introduction

in Taxation Blog

INTRODUCTION Taxation is as old as history of early state formation. As tax remains essential source of public finance, states…

Case Summary and Issue for Reflections - Formality requirement in Insurance Contract

in Insurance Law Blog

{tip title="The Case" content="In this case the applicant was the Ethiopia insurance company and respondant was Benshangul Gumuz Burea. Panel…